terre de feu
❝I’m almost never serious, and I’m always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I’m like a collection of paradoxes.❞— Ferdinand von Schrubentaufft  ( )

Anonymous: even though we're really good friends. sometimes i think about pulling you by the hair and fucking you really hard from the back.

You have the wrong person. 

Also, WAT?

the willful stupidity of some kpop fans is taking years off my life

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That’s incredible graphics for Skyrim.

I agree! Although that was taken with a couple of mods (at the heavy expense of FPS). The vanilla game still does look good though. 

 johnwiz replied to your photoRIP Sam. June 16th-December 2nd.  (my brother…

Oh my that’s great depth of field, and lighting. I can sense some nicely picked mods. Do you think you can message me what you’re using?
Thanks! I didn’t use too many mods, but I remember using Sharpshooters Extreme ENB and Skyrim HD texture pack. For the former, I tweaked the ENB palette and some of the settings in the .ini files, so it may look a bit different. I might have used Realistic Lighting too. ^__^
Anonymous: may i ask where you got that neck chain thing? on your photo that shows the dyed purple hair. your hair is so pretty too the dye is just perfect omfg.

YEAH! I got the chain thing for only around $5-6 shipping from a Chinese vendor off ebay. CLICK (there’s one HERE that’s a bit cheaper, but probably longer shipping). Options are gold and silver. 

And thanks! Though my hair now feels akin to straw